Painful Groin Strikes Yield A No Contest

Kansas City’s heavyweight Anthony Garrett (4-2) made his Bellator debut against Jake Hager (2-0) on Friday night, which resulted into a first-round no contest after Hager landed three knees around Garrett’s groin area, leaving Garrett wailing in agony at the Mohegan Sun Arena.

“I wanted to puke to be honest. I was coughing and I couldn’t get up, my legs felt … It was weird,” Garrett said. “I’ve been hit in the crotch before – there are those ones that goes into your stomach and causes your body to start shutting down. Where you just drop like I did.”

Garrett told the referee Dan Miragliotta to give him a minute, as he didn’t want the doctor to come in, because he knew the doctor would stop the fight with the pain that he felt.

Anthony Garrett, MMA Fighter
The former Shamrock heavyweight verbally told Miragliotta, “wait” and expected him to get down on one knee and ask Garrett if he can get up, instead the doctor came in and eventually stopped the fight, Garrett added.

“I finally got up and calmed down from talking to them, because I was cussing a lot and they asked me to calm down. I eventually started to tell them what was wrong with me,” Garrett said, “cause I knew the fight was over and I could tell them how injured I was.

I felt pressure down there and it felt swollen, that’s why they pulled my jockstrap away from my crotch to relieve some of the pressure.”

When he got backstage, the doctors told him to go and shower, afterwards they checked him and saw the swellings on the testicles and around it, Garrett added.

“I was very angry and pissed off backstage. I didn’t lose my temper and like throw sh-t, but I was hitting stuff,” he said. “I was in too much pain to completely lose my control.”

After viewing the fight multiple times, Garrett’s coaches believe that the knees were intentional, and they thought it should’ve been ruled as a disqualification.

“I don’t think that will happen but coaches plan on pushing for it,” Garrett said. “I don’t care what the outcome was anymore, I just want the rematch.

“I don’t think he wants a rematch to be honest. I think he’s a little bit scared. He hit me with his best shots, a had a bloody nose but so what that sh-t happens easy when you get hit on the nose. He gave me his best shots and I walked right through him. I don’t think he wants to deal with that again.”

Garrett said he hasn’t heard from Bellator’s promoters about a potential rematch against Hager. Doctors say he will fully heal from his groin injury in approximately three to four days.