Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier Will Bring It This Saturday

Saturday, April 13 in Atlanta will be a night to remember as there will be a clash of epic proportions between two fighters in the prime of their careers.

Champion Max Holloway has refined his boxing skills in the last few years to near perfection. Volume and accuracy will likely remain Max’s stock-in-trade as he strolls into the ring with a phenomenal 13 fight win streak.

However, Dustin “Diamond” Poirier has revealed himself to be an intense, determined fighter who can take punishment as well as dish it out.

With his last five fights being simply incredible, and with no losses in the last five contests, Dustin Poirier will match his will and skills against a Champ who loves to win in convincing fashion.

Both fighters are intelligent and strategic in their approaches, and Dustin has shown an ability to modify his attack & plan as the fight wears on. Max and Dustin have evidenced a surprising amount of grit in their recent UFC battles. If they stay true to the dynamic form and relentless pace that have characterized their careers, then fans will be in for an historic night.