Dot News and MMA

So what is .NEWS? It’s part of the new internet address system which began being rolled out incrementally in 2014. The new system of internet addresses will provide a more complete and meaningful description on the right side of the dot so that users will have a clearer picture as to what a website is really about.

Like MMA, the internet is evolving. .NEWS is one of the new breed of internet addresses perfect for organic marketing and global brand-building. As a result of being intuitive and crystal clear, .NEWS provides a memorable & relevant user experience.

News has never been more at home than on a .NEWS internet address. MMA, as a rapidly growing worldwide sport, has created the perfect storm. Avid MMA fans want their news, and are in search of information on their favorite MMA fighters, upcoming MMA events, and everything in between.

With the rise of global MMA has come an increased demand for news on mixed martial arts and the many MMA stars, past and present, that bring the sport to life. is under development as a new & unique, transformative service for the world of MMA fans. Never before have fans been able to discover new MMA sources of news and information so easily. is currently a non-commercial MMA news aggregation service free to all users. We hope to include & promote all MMA content publishers as we learn of them. The MMA world is huge, and growing. So bear with us if we missed you, and feel free to drop us a line if you would like to be included in the universe.